FAVOR Florida Keys  - the Florida Keys Wildlife Society

The Friends Group for the National Wildlife Refuges of the Florida Keys  

Welcome to FAVOR Florida Keys
We are becoming the

Florida Keys Wildlife Society
the same mission, the same great people and even better projects!

In honor of its 20th anniversary, FAVOR is getting a makeover. New name, a new image and soon a new location for our bookstore/nature gift shop - at the Refuge's New Nature Center! 

FAVOR - Friends And Volunteers Of Refuges - Florida Keys, - Now the Florida Keys Wildlife Society - is the official friends group for the Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges, a non profit organization whose mission is to support the National Wildlife Refuges of the Florida Keys through education, non adversarial advocacy, volunteerism and fundraising. 

If you are visiting the Keys or if you live here, you will soon find that the refuges are a big part of life in this special place. Four National Wildlife Refuges protect the land, water, and species throughout the Keys;  National Key Deer Refuge, centered on Big Pine Key, is home to the Refuges' Visitor Center, the Key Deer Bookstore, and the adorable, endangered Key deer. Crocodile Lake NWR at the north end of the Keys is home to many protected species including the American Crocodile; Great White Heron NWR encompasses much of the backcountry in the Lower Keys; Key West NWR at the southernmost end of the island chain including the Marquesa Keys; 

Visitors and residents alike can be part of helping the Refuges by volunteering, participating in one of our fun events, donating, or becoming a member!

Our volunteers help maintain trails and habitats, participate in regular environmental trash clean ups on beaches and wild areas, and help visitors understand the unique environment and the species that are being protected by the Refuges throughout the Keys. They also operate the Key Deer Bookstore & nature store shop at the Refuges' Visitor Center on Big Pine Key.

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April 22, 2018  A wildfire burned through a part of Big Pine Key which included some refuge land. For the latest, most current and accurate information, follow the Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges facebook page. You can click here

On September 10, 2017 Hurricane Irma blasted through the Florida Keys causing immeasurable damage to homes and land. The eye of the storm went right over the National Key Deer Refuge on Big Pine Key with 130 mph winds and gusts of almost 160.  The Key Deer herd was impacted but survive. Damage assessments will continue for some time and recovery efforts are ongoing. Click here for the latest Hurricane Irma Impacts and Updates from the Refuge.

Would you like to help with Hurricane Irma Recovery efforts on the Key Deer Refuge? You can donate to FAVOR, - now the Florida Keys Wildlife Society - the official Friends Group for the Florida Key National Wildlife Refuges.

Earth Day 5K in Key West benefits FAVOR! Already Scheduled for Saturday, April 20th, 2019