The Florida Keys Wildlife Society

The Friends Group for the National Wildlife Refuges of the Florida Keys (FAVOR)  

What's happening at Crocodile Lake NWR?

Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge in Key Largo is home to the endangered Key Largo wood rat and many other rare species of plants and animals.

CLNWR contains acres of open water and a mosaic of habitat types including tropical hardwood hammock, mangrove forest and salt marsh. These habitats are vital to many unique species of plants and animals.

While the refuge itself is not officially open to the public, the headquarters office offers information, a small gift shop and features a beautiful butterfly garden showcasing native plants that support and feed our native butterflies.

Crocodile Lake NWR's flagpole in front of the Headquarters Office is no  ordinary flagpole - it was actually a lightning arrester from the old Nike Missile Site which is now Crocodile Lake NWR.  

Volunteers gather 
regularly for scheduled workdays in our native butterfly garden.

The American Crocodile, this refuge's namesake is not as aggressive as its Nile cousin. 

The Key Largo wood rat has an interesting history and a brighter future. Volunteers work together to help build nests and improve habitat.